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Project Da Vinci – A Time Capsule Sent to Space by Bitcoin Millionaire Teenagers

The teenager who bought $1000 of Bitcoin in 2012 and became a millionaire is now working with NASA to launch a satellite.

In a second space-age announcement to come from the Bitcoin industry this week after Blockstream, Erik Finman says his Project Da Vinci aims to create a “global time capsule” and “democratize space.”

“We want to bring space exploration back to the present and give all people access,” Finman explains in a promotional video.


“To accomplish this, we’re creating a spaceship […] that the world can actually use.”

The central concept behind Da Vinci is to cast the essence of humanity into orbit in the form of items and videos which anyone can contribute for consideration.

Among those already guaranteed a spot is Taylor Swift, who will contribute a signed CD to the project.


Finman himself made headlines earlier this year after his investment strategy came to light, his $1000 investment now worth almost $2 mln.

“This kind of effort is what we need to develop the next generation of technicians, engineers, scientist and most of all researchers and discoverers – that’s what this is all about,” former NASA astronaut John Phillips said about Finman’s effort.

Blockstream this week announced its flagship product also consists of firing satellites into space in order to broadcast the Bitcoin Blockchain.

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