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Ethereum Price Finally Breaks Through $300 Resistance

Not too much is happening in the cryptocurrency markets right now, as weekends hardly ever bring any major positive changes. In fact, there is only one currency among the top 10 which is noting a gain right now. The Ethereum price has gone up a rather impressive 2.57% over the …

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Korea’s Largest Messenger App Launching Exchange With 110+ Cryptocurrencies

The operator of Kakao Stock, a popular Korean securities trading app based on the country’s number one smartphone messenger app Kakao Talk, is launching a cryptocurrency exchange called Upbit. Over 110 cryptocurrencies will be supported initially including bitcoin, ether, and litecoin. The company says that it will be the largest …

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Ethereum’s Raiden Network Is on the Testnet

The Ethereum ecosystem is scheduled to undergo some big changes over the coming months. The first part of the Metropolis hard fork is scheduled to go into effect in a few weeks from now. Additionally, the Raiden scaling solution is now available on one of the testnets. This is another …

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Cyber Criminals Have Stolen $225 Mln Worth of Ethereum Through Phishing This Year

Cyber criminals have reportedly stolen $225 million worth of digital currencies through phishing scams in 2017. In these scams, would-be investors were tricked into sending money to Internet addresses claiming to be funding sites for virtual token offerings on Ethereum’s blockchain. Based on data from New York-based researcher Chainalysis, over 30,000 investors …

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What Is Ethereum’s Viper Coding Language?

Solidity is the main coding language for everything related to Ethereum. Although it is not the most convenient language to learn, let alone master, it does allow developers from all over the world to pick it up pretty quickly. However, there is also the Viper language, which has undergone some major breakthroughs …

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