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Korea’s Largest Messenger App Launching Exchange With 110+ Cryptocurrencies

The operator of Kakao Stock, a popular Korean securities trading app based on the country’s number one smartphone messenger app Kakao Talk, is launching a cryptocurrency exchange called Upbit. Over 110 cryptocurrencies will be supported initially including bitcoin, ether, and litecoin. The company says that it will be the largest …

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Bitcoin Exchanges in China May Face Stricter Regulation and Licensing

Over the past week, bitcoiners everywhere have been focused on the speculative news of China ‘banning’ bitcoin and wondering if the stories were true. According to recent reports from local media and the country’s National Internet Finance Association (NIFA), bitcoin is not ‘illegal,’ but exchanges may face tighter regulatory supervision …

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Markets Update: Bitcoin Breaks Below $4000 During 12% Sell-Off

Bitcoin has broken below $4000 USD following a sudden 12% sell-off. The dump occurred following the establishment of a third point of contact on a descending trendline from the all-time high of approximately $5000 USD, amidst speculation that China’s government may move to suspend the operation of some Chinese bitcoin …

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Why Bitcoin is Not a Bubble.

The internet is replete with people referring to bitcoin as a “bubble.” They are spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt galore. They believe bitcoin’s high price spells impending doom, but their criticisms move beyond mere skepticism. It seems like they just hate cryptocurrency. Yet many of these pundits do not fully …

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Project Da Vinci – A Time Capsule Sent to Space by Bitcoin Millionaire Teenagers

The teenager who bought $1000 of Bitcoin in 2012 and became a millionaire is now working with NASA to launch a satellite. In a second space-age announcement to come from the Bitcoin industry this week after Blockstream, Erik Finman says his Project Da Vinci aims to create a “global time capsule” …

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Bitcoin Exchange BTC-e Cites Political Motives Behind Crackdown

BTC-e operators have made an announcement confirming the platform is preparing for re-launch.   In their update at Bitcointalk, the spokespersons for the exchange wrote: “Currently the process of transferring digital resources to the investment company is underway. The company is preparing for re-launch. As announced earlier, users will be …

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Fake Bittrex phishing website as 1st search result in google

Cryptocurrency users have seen their fair share of phishing scams over the years. In most cases, those scams involve fake exchange or wallet websites. Users are often contacted through an email campaign, which is often somewhat successful. This is a big problem that needs to be addressed. Things only get …

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Best performing currency in 2016! Invest in Bitcoins right now.

The world’s most high-profile digital currency, bitcoin, hit a three-year high this week, rising above US$1,000 on Monday in a strong surge that saw it stand out as the best-performing currency of 2016. Bitcoin, which shot up 125 percent in value last year alone, is now fast approaching its all-time high …

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Patent for Blockchain-Based Digital Asset Network filed by Visa

The credit card giant has filed a patent for a digital asset network at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Last week, the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) published the details of Visa’s new patent application. The credit card giant’s plans for the digital asset network are quite broad; however, …

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